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SBM Publishing House has operated on the Polish market for 15 years. It features in the top five of illustrated reference publishers. We publish photographic and illustrated non-fiction of high visual quality for adults and children, as well as diversely illustrated fiction for children.

There are over 200 titles in our offer, covering various fields, and our sales reach a million copies a year. SBM focuses on informing, enriching, educating, and entertaining readers of all ages. Our professional combination of words and pictures brings clarity to a wide range of topics. We recommend sightseeing and thematic albums, lifestyle, gardening, and sports guides, culinary books, and atlases for hobbyists. Our authors are eminent experts in their fields.

SBM’s extensive toddlers and children’s books list covers everything from fables, fairy tales, legends, and poetry collections, as well as encyclopedias and educational books. Our subjects vary from animals and pets, nature hobbies, family, jobs people do, life in the kindergarten, weather, naming emotions, numbers, to series of books that answer children’s questions about how things work or tell them about lives and discoveries of famous people. We put knowledge into practice in our entertaining series of activity books.

We have two editorial offices: one by our Warsaw headquarters, and another in Bielsko-Biała. We have been awarded twice with a prestigious Gazele Biznesu title, a distinguishing mark of well-managed, honest, and financially sound companies, in 2015 and 2016.


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